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Blueberry Plantain Protein Muffins

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We may have made it to the weekend, but I must be honest, it doesn’t really feel any different to me. Since I’m officially done at my full-time job, I’ve been in full-time 50 States planning mode which is fun but has definitely kept me busy. Plus picking up a few extra hours at my chiropractor’s office to help them… Read more »

Cho-Tastic Corn Muffins

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I’m SO excited for this weekend.  Like I can’t even tell you how excited I am.  Because as you’re reading this, I’m on my way to meet with two of my favorite Blends, Amanda and Calee!  We’re having a girl’s weekend with a (cold) run, wine and hanging out.  It’s bound to be awesome! Anyway, I have something really cool… Read more »

WIAW / Zucchini Protein Muffin Recipe

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If you can’t tell, I’m really starting to LOVE What I Ate Wednesdays.  I’ve come to look forward to each Wednesday where I get to share some of my favorite eats of the week and see what others are eating as well.  It’s fun – at least for me. 😉 This week I think you’ll have fun though because I’m… Read more »

Protein Muffin Crazy!

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It’s true – I’ve gone protein muffin crazy over here!  It’s a good thing I’m moving next week and had to pack up all of my baking stuff… It’s in there somewhere. But lucky for you (and my belly), I got in one more recipe before everything went in boxes.  Just ask my roommate, these things are good!  Chocolate Pumpkin… Read more »