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Music Monday // Coexist

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Well I had a plan for today and it went along with yesterday’s 4.5 miler I planned.  But as many of us know, things don’t always go as planned.  Thank goodness for Plan B (which sometimes turns out as a better plan anyway). 😉 This is Plan B.  But I swear it doesn’t disappoint. The Band: The xx The Album:… Read more »

Music Monday // Blown Away

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Palm Sunday 1965 a devastating tornado ripped through my home town. Clearly I had yet to be born (or even a glimmer in anyone’s eye) as my mom was only a kid. I grew up hearing stories of that tornado, about how it ripped through my mom’s neighborhood, how hers was the only one on the block without any damage…. Read more »

Music Monday // Madness

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This week it’s another song that powered me through my long drive home.  Not in the same way as last week’s but in another way; it’s just powerful! But this is what Muse is good at doing – creating different, powerful and ultimately good music.  (And if you don’t believe me, wait for 3:30 in the below video.) “Madness” is… Read more »

Music Monday // Whiskey & Frosting

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I’m not sure if I’ve told you this before but I love Spotify.  Not just in the way that I have all of my favorite music at my fingertips, but because I have new music, music I have yet to find at my finger tips.  And all I have to do is find it.  Sometimes that’s harder than you’d expect… Read more »

Music Monday // Other Lives

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I think I’m losing my memory.  It’s rather sad actually but I’m doing all I can to preserve it and preserve the memories.  Memories like yesterday morning’s walk to the Mar Vista Farmer’s market and back.  Memories that are so simple yet perfectly what you need to start you Sunday morning.  My memory can’t let those moments fade away. Unfortunately,… Read more »

Music Monday // It’s Time

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You know those songs you can’t help but just sing along.  And I don’t just mean sing along, I mean SING along.  Like full on belt your little heart out.  This is one of those songs. “Now don’t you understand, I’m never changing who I am.” Just let that sink.  Let it radiate through you.  The lyrics in that song… Read more »

Music Monday

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I’m sure after Saturday’s news you expect this one.  But whether you expected it or not, I think it’s only right to make this week about Whitney Houston. She was an amazing artist who sadly had her life turned upside down by drugs and a bad relationship.  But at the end of it all, she will be remember for her… Read more »