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I moved back to Illinois 3 years ago; I can hardly believe it. I set out with a single goal in mind: obtain my NASM Personal Training certificate and help change others lives. By Thanksgiving, I was a NASM CPT and within weeks I could tell something wasn’t right…this wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing, at least not… Read more »

Fitness Friday / Something That Scares You

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Yesterday was my day “off” – I put that in quotes because I still went in to work for a couple hours.  I used that certificate I worked so hard to get back in November but haven’t really used…oh yeah, remember that? 😉 Anyway, it’s been a tough week.  Weird work schedule, emotional roller coaster post-Boston Marathon attack, and ever-so-humbling… Read more »

Feeling SO Thankful!

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Before: After: If you follow me on any social media, you would have caught wave that this means I PASSED MY CERTIFICATION!   That photo is the face of the newest NASM Certified Personal Trainer! HECK YEAH!   I was ecstatic, elated, and on the verge of tears out of sheer happiness.  I found the test to be rather difficult,… Read more »

Day Off

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As far as I’m concerned, there’s two ways this post could go – (1) me diving deep into some thought or idea that’s sparked my interest or (2) me keeping it low key, enjoying my day off and long run, and sprinkle in some studying. I’m choosing option 2 because sometimes my brain needs a rest as much as my… Read more »

My NASM Study Plan

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It’s a little intimidating.  The book shows up and you have 6 months to learn the material and take a test.  But the question goes – where do you start? I waited until I got back to CL to order my materials, part due to finances but mostly due to the time constraints.  I didn’t want my book sitting at… Read more »