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2016 GOALS: January

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I feel like you’re going to look at me, roll your eyes and go “Katie, everyone is sharing their goals right now, we get it, okay?” And you know what, I DO get it! But you know what else? Sometimes I think reading other people’s goals gives us ideas of goals we may want to achieve at some point or… Read more »

My Goals for 2015

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The New Year always brings about desires for change and growth, about improving ourselves to be better than we were the year before. For me this is no different. I strive everyday to be better than I was the day, week before, year before but obviously no one is perfect so I have things that I want to change and… Read more »

SMART Goals & Mine for 2014

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Now that we’re into the new year, I’m sure many of you have set resolutions, goals or intentions for the year ahead. I know I’ve been working on my list of goals for 2014 and while they may change as the year progresses (and that’s OK!), I always find it to be really beneficial. I’m the kind of person who… Read more »

The Jar of Good Things

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I feel like I have SO much I want to talk about and share with you today that I have to split up my posts between days or you might be reading for the next several hours… 😉  And since it’s Wednesday I am going to make sure I share some tasty eats with you but first I want to… Read more »

A New Year – My Commitment

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Happy New Year Everyone!  Happy 2013! I hope you all had a great New Years Eve, spending it however you felt right, necessary and enjoyable.  I had quite the stressful day at work yesterday morning and after eating some lunch took a nap before my chiropractor appointment.  I’m so hopeful and optimistic for the chiropractor care I’ve been and will… Read more »