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#StrongerEveryRun & Bronze Radio Return

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My love for Boston is no secret. My desire to be there today is just as strong, if not more so, than any other day. I know it is going to be a very emotional and powerful day for that city and I’m sending all of my love to them. Technically today would be strictly for a short strength session… Read more »

Music Monday // Power Songs

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Yesterday marked the completion of my 10k training plan.  Well, without the race that is. I planned to run outside but when the weather was slated for 50%+ chance of rain when I woke up, I knew I’d be better to skip the risk and run inside.  It wasn’t ideal but I didn’t want to get my new Nike’s wet…… Read more »

Get Out There and Move!

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Sometimes just the thought of going to the gym is too much.  Sometimes it’s a sign that our body needs rest.  Other times, it’s just our body allowing our thoughts to win.  Our minds can be pretty convincing sometimes and we allow our laziness to make the final call. Sometimes we’re able to overcome this; sometimes we’re not; and sometimes… Read more »

Fitness Friday

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I’m getting my butt kicked!  These workouts are deceivingly difficult.  I’m loving every moment but there’s definitely been a mind over matter struggle going on.  And if I’m completing (or trying to complete) them at home, that struggle doubles.  Apparently I need the gym for the extra bit of motivation to push me through my tougher workouts. But I’ve been… Read more »