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Carry On

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I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! They always go too fast, don’t they? After a few warmer days last week, we got that fall chill back this weekend and admittedly, I soaked up every moment I could. With my windows wide open to fill my apartment with that cool air, long pants and light sweaters, walks outside, and of… Read more »

Music Monday & The Grinch!

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Okay I’ll be honest, Friday was not pretty for me.  You’d hope that after passing my test on Wednesday, the high would have continued through the weekend (and in some ways it has) but work has also been pretty rough on me lately and come Friday morning, this was me: And I swear it was not just because this was… Read more »

Music Monday // Norah Jones

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I’m happy to say my return to work after last week’s Staycation went well!  I definitely went back feeling refreshed and happy to be back.  Since I needed to split one of my days this week to cover two days, it was only a half day which I’m sure helped but it made the “catch-up” that much more important.  My… Read more »