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Fitness Friday #40

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TGIFF (Thank Goodness It’s Fitness Friday), am I right?! πŸ˜‰ While I feel like I say this every week, it has been another crazy week around here as I continue that whole job hunt, work on this blog (content, design and growth), and some more personal stuff (some good, some not). Regardless, I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead with… Read more »

Fitness Friday // Live Fit Week 6

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This week has kind of kicked my butt.Β  Not just physically, but also emotionally so I’m glad it’s coming to an end and I have the next two days off to relax and recharge.Β  It’s much needed. And just like that, I’m half-way through Phase 2; half-way through the LiveFit program.Β  I’m finding it’s definitely getting harder as we’re lifting… Read more »

Fitness Friday // Live Fit Week 5

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I got hit with the super cold at the end of last week / early this week.Β  I woke up Saturday feeling worse than I had any other day and decided I was NOT moving from my bed all day (even if I suddenly felt better).Β  Thankfully that seemed to work because I woke up Sunday morning feeling a MILLION… Read more »