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ABs in April – Planks Week 1

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Has everyone been doing their plank-a-day for Abs in April? I HAVE! Please notice the face. It’s not my best, but it sure is amusing. 😉   Anyway, I have stayed consistent with my planks everyday and despite feeling like I could skip them on Sunday after we did a LOT of ab work and planks in hot yoga, I… Read more »

Abs in April – Core Workouts Week 1

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How’s Abs in April going for everyone? Funny thing happened…FitFluential started a plank a day challenge for April as well. I swear I didn’t know anything about it…but ironic, isn’t it?   Anyway, as promised, today is about sharing two core workouts you can do to supplement some of the PlankADay. The first is a new one I created just the… Read more »

Abs in April

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Work is getting busier. I consider this a good thing but it may also mean that it gets harder to post somedays. This isn’t an apology, it’s just a heads up. I love blogging but it’s a hobby and as such, I will never apologize for not posting. #sorrynotsorry (right, Amanda?)   Anyway, summer is around the corner which means… Read more »

Plank A Day

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Have you heard of the Plank A Day challenge that runs wild on Twitter and the healthy-living community?  Basically the idea is as easy as it’s name: do a plank every day and each day try to last longer than the previous day.  Simple right? It’s something I heard about for a long time and while I often do planks… Read more »