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Music Monday: The Griswolds

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Who needs some fun music to start their Monday? Maybe something you can sing along to? Or something you don’t have to think about, just sit back and enjoy? I have just that for you today! The Griswolds. I first heard about them when they ran a pre-order campaign with PledgeMusic when I was still working there and I’m so… Read more »

The Lonely Wild

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I haven’t been sharing a ton of the campaigns that I’ve been working on with my job. Mostly just because while music is a huge part of my life and obviously also my career, this is also a personal blog, personal space and I want to make sure I’m finding that balance and not bringing too much of my job… Read more »


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It’s no secret that I love music and if you haven’t noticed, I have a huge soft spot for musicians. Particularly, musicians that are working their butts off to make it. As I often say to my friends, this will either be my rise or fall within the music industry. One of the cool things about my job right now… Read more »

Mind Over Matter

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YOU GUYS, I’m so excited I could pee my pants! No joke! Aside from the fact that I have an awesome album to share with you guys today, I want to share a really cool campaign that I launched over the weekend for work. The band is Pert Near Sandstone and they’re a super fun bluegrass band from Minnesota. They’re… Read more »