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Getting Pretty Muddy (for a 2nd year)!

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What a roller coaster, bittersweet, all over the place kind of week! As I’m finishing up my final tasks and handing over my campaigns at work, the reality keeps hitting me in the face – this is actually happening. It’s not that I’ve doubted it (aside from the normal scared doubts from time to time), this just feels right which… Read more »

Planning to Get Muddy!

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Happy Friday, friends!    I’m feeling particularly excited today, and it’s not because I’ll be spending my morning sitting at/working from the VW dealership while my car gets it’s 40,000 mile check-up. Oh Betty, she’s growing up so fast! 😉 But really, I am excited for today. I’ve got a show to go to tonight, an awesome campaign launching and… Read more »

Pretty Muddy

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On Sunday I partook in the Pretty Muddy mud run, my first mud run.  I had the pleasure of being an ambassador for Pretty Muddy (ie: I got a free race entry) and while I enjoyed the experience, there’s definitely some things that could have made it better.   Step 1: Wake up early, pay $10 to park (I appreciate… Read more »

Moms & Mud

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To all the mother’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day! But especially to my own (because I know she’s reading this!), Happy Mother’s Day! We handed out flowers this week at work to all the mothers that come in and several asked Julie and I if we’re mothers.  She has a puppy so she’d say “to a puppy!” but I said… Read more »

Fitness Friday / Pretty Muddy Discount Code

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Am I right or what? This week has kicked my butt.  Scratch that.  Work has kicked my butt.  Not in it being hard or busy but it being hard on my mentality and well-being.  My chiropractor adjustments can hardly keep up.  I’m trying to fix this and release the stress that it places on my body physically and mentally.  I’ll… Read more »