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Running Shenanigans

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I’ve been feeling really inspired lately.  That may or not be showing here, but I’ve really felt it in my writing and overall thought process.  Maybe it’s because I’ve removed myself from LA; maybe it’s because I moved home to force myself to really focus on ME and what I want (and need); maybe it’s because I’ve finally started to… Read more »

My 10 Running Tidbits

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While I had the last two days off (at least for the most part), I’m spending the whole weekend working.  I’m hoping that I’ll still be able to get in a good amount of study time, a long run and a little play time.  It can’t be all work and no play – balance is key! Anyway, speaking of running,… Read more »

Get Out There and Move!

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Sometimes just the thought of going to the gym is too much.  Sometimes it’s a sign that our body needs rest.  Other times, it’s just our body allowing our thoughts to win.  Our minds can be pretty convincing sometimes and we allow our laziness to make the final call. Sometimes we’re able to overcome this; sometimes we’re not; and sometimes… Read more »

Fitness Friday // Achievements!

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Happy Friday! Err…Happy Fitness Friday! 😉 It’s been a great week of workouts and after last week’s attempt at getting on track with my 10k training plan, I was off again fairly quickly this week.  But I decided a back-to-back run Wednesday/Thursday was okay and got right back on track.  Done and done. Now most of you may not notice… Read more »