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Hot Chocolate 5k Race Recap

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As I got adjusted yesterday morning, I was telling my chiropractor about my run on Sunday and he was like “dang, you’ve done a lot of runs!” Well of course I have, I’m trying to run a race a month in 2013 and I’m so excited that Sunday’s Hot Chocolate 5k crossed another month off that list.   But let’s… Read more »

{Pitter, Patter}

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{pitter, patter} There was a moment about 3 miles in…I know this because it was after I had already split ways from Alex, my phone was between songs but it wasn’t silent…Instead my ears were filled with the sound of runners feet, almost like the sound of rain pouring down.  I have to be honest, I was nearly brought to… Read more »

Pretty Muddy

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On Sunday I partook in the Pretty Muddy mud run, my first mud run.  I had the pleasure of being an ambassador for Pretty Muddy (ie: I got a free race entry) and while I enjoyed the experience, there’s definitely some things that could have made it better.   Step 1: Wake up early, pay $10 to park (I appreciate… Read more »


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I had such an incredible weekend! I know it’s Tuesday but I’m still talking about it.  Besides getting to spend time with one of my best friends Sunday night (which would have been enough to make it a great weekend!), I ran a race and even better, I ran an incredible race! I signed up to run the Fort2Base 3… Read more »

Blazier Run

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I’m not exactly sure where to start.  It’s been quite the roller coaster weekend but I’m not complaining because without the dips we’d forget to appreciate the high moments in life.   And speaking of high moments, I ended up registering for that race I was talking about on Sunday, though I didn’t end up running there AND back like… Read more »

WIAW / Pre-Race Eats

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Thank you for your support on yesterday’s Sugar Talk.  But I do want to be clear, I’m not restricting myself from sugar entirely, I’m just going to watch how much and what kind I’m eating.  Not because I eat a lot of it (I don’t) but because of how it makes my body feel – the headaches and stomachaches are… Read more »

Chi Town 10k Race Recap

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It all started the night before.  I guess I should know better but I’ve eaten pesto lately with (little to) no problems but that wasn’t the case.  I felt my stomach churn.  I should have known better.   Morning came way too soon.  It was early, I was tired, and my dinner proved to be troublesome.  My body just felt… Read more »