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Movin’ Shoes Frosty 5k

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I don’t know how you spent your Saturday, but I was busy running a race!  12 races, 12 months is well under way. Weeee!   You may remember my Commitment Day run being a mere 16 degrees.  Well, apparently cold races are how I’m starting off my racing year; today it was a bitter 12 degrees as I ran the… Read more »


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Remember how I said yesterday was a big day?  Remember how I said my goal was just to finish?  Remember how I said I was running for hope? I did all of those things and I even finished 5th in my age group! Now before you all get too excited, my age group had 33 people (so not huge) but… Read more »

I Run For Hope

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Today’s a big day.  Well, at least for me.  But before we get there, did you know yesterday was National Coffee Day?!  I’m sorry I didn’t wish you a Happy Coffee Day yesterday, but rest assured I did in need celebrate. 😉 Like I said, today’s a big day.  You see, I generally run 3 days a week.  And if… Read more »