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“Life Crisis” by River Whyless

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How was everyone’s weekend? I spent mine back home in IL celebrating a little “nephew’s” 2nd birthday and being buried beneath a sea of Barbies, other dolls and stuffed animals from childhood to help my mom prepare for an upcoming garage sale. I couldn’t believe how much stuff was there, but (I think) I helped make a small dent in… Read more »

Fitness Friday #23 & The Day I Leave For Alaska

Everyone loves burpees, right? OK so maybe it’s more of a love/hate relationship…we hate doing them but love the results? Well this past week I decided to sign up for the BurpeesSuck.com June Burpee Challenge. You pick your athletic level and each day you complete the designated number of burpees…it goes up each day with a few rest days built… Read more »

My Favorite Podcasts to Listen to While Driving

For anyone wondering, yes, I made it out of Wyoming in one piece. I specify in one piece because the 3 hour drive out of Wyoming (what should have been only 2) was not fun as the weather started getting bad again and they ended up shutting down the highway shortly after we went through. I’m in no way surprised…. Read more »

Favorite Road Trip Songs

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A year long road-trip (whether for fun or work) calls for a lot of music…it calls for a variety of styles and a lot of playlists…I may know a lot of music but instead of trying to make the playlist myself, I figured it’d be fun to build a playlist with YOUR help! So tell me…what’s your favorite road trip song… Read more »