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Come See Me At Blend for RxBars!

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If you’ve been reading for awhile or follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably noticed that I’m a HUGE fan of RxBar. Not only are they a Chicago based company, but they’re also freaking DELICIOUS paleo, dairy-free, grain-free, no-BS bars! Last year I had the pleasure of representing them while at the Blend Retreat and I’m so excited to share… Read more »

Phone Dump + Giveaway Winner!

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Thanks to all who entered the Skoop B-Strong giveaway! I wish you all could win but alas, giveaways just don’t work that way. 😉 Of course, even if you didn’t win, I HIGHLY recommend you try Skoop anyway! I honestly love starting my day with my Skoop A-Game & B-Strong. I feel like I’m giving my body the nutrients that… Read more »

RxBar Love!

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We already know this, but I love traveling. I love packing up my things and setting out on my next adventure. I love location changes, scenery changes and people watching. I love seeing what else this crazy and exciting world has to offer me. But let’s get real, I also love maintaining a healthy balanced diet. I understand the importance… Read more »