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TLSM Meets YouTube

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Are you ready to see the first big change of 2016 around the blog? YOUTUBE! That’s right! I’m diving in to new things in 2016 and video is one of those things! We’ll see how this goes but my hope and plan is to check in with you all every Tuesday with a new video! Have something you want to… Read more »


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Alright, alright, I’ve been leading you all on long enough. But it’s quite funny, now that it’s time to share the news, I don’t really know what to say and it’s feeling a bit anti-climactic, even though it is quite exciting. If you’ve been following along for awhile, then you probably know I have been unemployed and on the job… Read more »

Social Media Sunday

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I’m a social media junkie. There I said it. I’m on it a good chunk of the day for work. I use it for blogging. And it’s a great way to stay connected with friends all over.   From carrying out conversations on Twitter… @HealthyDiva31 OH MAN!! I’ve had one and I feel like I’m still having trouble keeping my… Read more »

Connecting the Dots

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Sitting in my room listening to John Mayer’s Paradise Valley after weeks of not listening to it and I’m just filled with excitement, happiness and all around good feelings.  I can’t tell you why (just yet) but I’m taking these moments to look inward, talk it out with friends and family, and take care of me.  Timing is everything and… Read more »

Follow Me!

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Did or do you use Google Reader?  Are you one of the ones using it until it’s final days?  If you’re like me, you’re not taking the change well and while I’ve now successfully found and switched to another service that I really like, I do miss my little “Next” button I had installed on my bookmarks bar.  It kept… Read more »