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Sunday Confessions #15

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-My roommates dog came in my room the other day while I was working.  I gave him a quick hello and pat on the head and got back to work.  …that was until he decided to release an awful stench into my room.  Not knowing when my roommate would be home and worrying he “had to go” I put on… Read more »

Sunday Confessions #14

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After a long week, I have a few things I need to get off my chest today… – I had to awkwardly ask an old lady for my undies back at the gym on Thursday. Good thing is there’s a reasonable explanation for this situation but it definitely didn’t make it any less awkward.   – After completing my dresser… Read more »

Sunday Confessions #13

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-I’m getting bored and finding that I need a challenge – at work and in life.   -I finished my second dresser project yesterday and while it looks great, I must admit that I’m kind of bummed.  I’ve really enjoyed these DIY projects and kind of find myself ready to tackle my next one. -If my parents could have a… Read more »

Sunday Confessions #11

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It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my confessions and I had a feeling I was overdue. -I’ve been doing a lot of “mark as read” on posts lately…and not just at the end of the week but when I see the topic of a post.  I must admit, while I understand the benefit of a sponsored post (hello, this girl… Read more »

Sunday Confessions #8

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-I’ve mentioned many times that I don’t want kids or if I ever do, I want to adopt.  I want my sister to have lots of babies so I can be the aunt that spoils them and then sends them home.  If I ever find myself questioning my opinions, remind me of the children who would run laps of the… Read more »

Sunday Confessions #7

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It’s Sunday and that means it’s time for another one of my favorite posts – Sunday Confessions. -A few weeks ago one of our patients heard me say something about living in Southern California and asked if that’s where I’m from.  Apparently I lost enough of my Chicago accent and picked up a few SoCal-isms to sound like it…While I… Read more »

Sunday Confessions #6

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To those of you who celebrate Easter – Happy Easter! To those of you who don’t – Happy Spring! I’m loving the warmer weather that’s been coming through our area this week – slowly but surely, but I’ll take it!  Besides for yesterday’s run, we had the windows and doors open yesterday bringing some fresh air into the house and… Read more »