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Sunday Confessions #13

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-I’m getting bored and finding that I need a challenge – at work and in life.   -I finished my second dresser project yesterday and while it looks great, I must admit that I’m kind of bummed.  I’ve really enjoyed these DIY projects and kind of find myself ready to tackle my next one. -If my parents could have a… Read more »

Sunday Confessions #11

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It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my confessions and I had a feeling I was overdue. -I’ve been doing a lot of “mark as read” on posts lately…and not just at the end of the week but when I see the topic of a post.  I must admit, while I understand the benefit of a sponsored post (hello, this girl… Read more »

Sunday Confessions #8

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-I’ve mentioned many times that I don’t want kids or if I ever do, I want to adopt.  I want my sister to have lots of babies so I can be the aunt that spoils them and then sends them home.  If I ever find myself questioning my opinions, remind me of the children who would run laps of the… Read more »

Sunday Confessions #7

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It’s Sunday and that means it’s time for another one of my favorite posts – Sunday Confessions. -A few weeks ago one of our patients heard me say something about living in Southern California and asked if that’s where I’m from.  Apparently I lost enough of my Chicago accent and picked up a few SoCal-isms to sound like it…While I… Read more »

Sunday Confessions #6

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To those of you who celebrate Easter – Happy Easter! To those of you who don’t – Happy Spring! I’m loving the warmer weather that’s been coming through our area this week – slowly but surely, but I’ll take it!  Besides for yesterday’s run, we had the windows and doors open yesterday bringing some fresh air into the house and… Read more »

Sunday Confessions #5

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-These posts have really become some of my favorite to write and since my thoughts come rather sporadically and I’ll never remember it all, I keep a note on my phone and add my confessions throughout the week.  I guess a confession a day is probably good for the soul, right? -I should also mention, most of this was written… Read more »

Sunday Confessions #4

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Today I confess…. 1. It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I’m not really celebrating…  That’s okay but really, I want to celebrate in Boston sometime.  This may mostly be because when I lived in Boston I was always underage and saw the lines of people standing outside the Irish Pubs while walking to class in the morning (yes, MORNING).  I wouldn’t… Read more »