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A TLSM Blog Survey

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I’ve been writing this blog for nearly 5 years now and it has seen many makeovers, changes, ups and downs, and with the end of 2015 quickly approaching (seriously, when did that happen?!), I wanted to take an opportunity to reach out to all of you for feedback. It won’t take more than a few minutes to complete this blog… Read more »

Would You Rather…?

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Who doesn’t love a good survey? I mean really…I figure since it’s a Saturday and I love to keep things pretty chill around here on the weekends, it’d be fun to share this survey I’ve seen making it’s way around the interwebs lately. Also, don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win a case of Cookies & Cream Quest Bars… Read more »

A Merry Christmas Survey!

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Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! I figured with the holidays, it’d be fun to break out this little Christmas survey that’s been circling the blog-o-sphere this week. I hope you enjoy! Before Christmas… Do you send out Christmas cards? Depends on the year. This year I chose not to, except as part of any thank you notes that I may be… Read more »

Finishing Off July

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If you know where July went, please let me know.  But in all seriousness, this month flew by and amid this busy week, I figured it was time to check in and see where things stand. Current Book: um…I’m still working on Wheat Belly. It’s really interesting but also really overwhelming for me so I have to be in the… Read more »

Christmas Survey!

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I’ve seen this Christmas Survey posted on a few blogs over the last couple of weeks and knew I wanted to do it too but also wanted to wait until we got a bit closer to Christmas to partake.  And thankfully I filled this out a couple weeks ago so it’d be more or less ready to go because right… Read more »

Ten Questions!

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Have I mentioned how much I love surveys? I hope they don’t completely bore you to death because I find them quite entertaining (participating AND reading others).  And since we know what I’m doing right now (hint hint) there’s no better time than now for another survey. 😉  This one I originally saw on Julie’s blog. (It was called 11… Read more »

Tuesday Ten

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1. Strength Training or Cardio? Strength!  Years ago this would have been an easy answer of cardio but strength training makes me feel strong (uh..duh!) But ultimately, I do know, understand and see the benefit of both, but strength is definitely a favorite right now! 2. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Breakfast…for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I’m totally a breakfast foodie. 😉… Read more »