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So Thankful I Must Share

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A mid afternoon post? You know that means something…and it’s not that I was too lazy to prep my post yesterday, it meant that I wasn’t going to post today.  I was going to take the day off but I have to share a few things with you because today I’m feeling so completely thankful. Today started with a glorious… Read more »

Ten Questions!

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Have I mentioned how much I love surveys? I hope they don’t completely bore you to death because I find them quite entertaining (participating AND reading others).  And since we know what I’m doing right now (hint hint) there’s no better time than now for another survey. 😉  This one I originally saw on Julie’s blog. (It was called 11… Read more »


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I’m going to start today with what I’m thankful for because what I’m thankful for today is memories.  As simple as it may seem, it’s true because as we grow older those memories are what we have to look back on.  Sometimes we remember them all on their own, sometimes the memories disappear in a field of other forgotten memories,… Read more »


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Last year Justine invited me to join in on the Grateful Season and for awhile I was able to keep up.  And then life really started happening and made things difficult, including life. It was a year ago that my health was in a poor place.  It was nearly a year ago that I had my first attempt at surgery. … Read more »