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Thursday Thoughts (Before Christmas)

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1 – The more I read blogs, the more I realize how important and vital GOOD photography is. 2 – The more I realize that, the more I cringe and nitpick at my own, and the more I hope for a “fancy” camera one of these years. 3 – With that said, yes that photo above is somewhat cringe-worthy for… Read more »

Motivation From The Past

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There’s a level of motivation missing for me lately.  I’m sure there are a few different reasons behind this but regardless if I can find something that motivates me to get out the door, I’m going to do it.  And on Tuesday that meant running the track at my old middle school. I set out to do GPP’s Run +… Read more »

Thursday Thoughts

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When I moved back to Chicago last September, it was temporary. I never fully shared on the blog, but it was intended solely as an opportunity to get my personal training certificate and save money so I could move back to Boston. 10 months later and I’m still here. And while I have my certificate, I’m not currently training. At… Read more »

Blend: WHY

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I can recap what we did. I can recap what we ate. I can try to thank the beautiful ladies who planned the whole weekend. And I can show my appreciation to the companies and sponsors to made it happen. But I can’t quite explain what this weekend means to me.  I can’t quite explain how even some of the… Read more »