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Kettle-bell Supersets

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Despite my little announcement on Tuesday, I’m still a certified personal trainer…and as a trainer, I haven’t shared a workout with you all in far too long so I decided it was time to bring back Trainer’s Tip Thursday and share with you all a fun Kettlebell workout I created for myself on Monday. As you all know, Sunday will… Read more »

Trainer’s Tip: Flexibility Training

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Last year I wrote a guest post for one of my blogging friends breaking down flexibility.  If you’re anything like me, flexibility training is the most overlooked part of your fitness regimen and while I’m a lot better than I used to be, there’s always room for improvement. Lately, despite struggling from a lack of motivation, I’ve also been struggling… Read more »

Trainer’s Tip Thursday / Stability Ball Toner

I lied.  On Friday, I said I was going to share my new Deck of Cards workout with you all today but after creating and completing this Stability Ball Toner workout on Sunday and absolutely loving it, I just had to change things around and share this today! This is a workout you can do at the gym or at… Read more »

Trainer’s Tip: TIU Variation

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I figured it was about time for another Trainer’s Tip! One of my favorite things about training for this 1/2 marathon is that I haven’t had to THINK about my workouts for the most part.  It’s kind of nice sometimes.  Sunday was one of those days where I was scheduled for ‘strength’ but I still didn’t want to even figure… Read more »

Trainer’s Tip Thursday / 20 Minute Circuit

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I’m starting something new this week. It won’t be every week but I’m putting that NASM certification to work by sharing my knowledge, workouts or whatever else I feel necessary.  This week, I want to share an awesome arms & abs circuit I did a couple weeks ago.  And better yet, it only took about 20 minutes! The great thing… Read more »