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Birthday Treats

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Birthdays are all about treating ones self, am I right? To take time for yourself to do something that you need, to relax and to spend time with those you care about. Life on the road and when you share a birthday with the person you’re on the road with, it kind of changes things up a bit. Not necessarily… Read more »

Taking Time for Treats During a Busy Week

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It’s been a really busy past week for me with 50 States stuff. We had 4 events in 5 days, followed by hanging out with my sister for a few hours before she left to go back home for Christmas. And just when we thought we’d have an easier day to hang out and play catch-up, we realized just how… Read more »

Vacation Treats

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If yesterday’s hammock check-in didn’t give it away, this past weekend was definitely one for the books. It was filled with sun, fun and so many wonderful memories. It was a real treat. Let’s take a look at all the excitement… 1. Limos to the airport 2. Sand, sun and the ocean 3. Good food and delicious drinks 4. Getting… Read more »


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I’ve said this numerous time and I’ll continue to do so, blogger friends ARE real friends. Many live far away and we only get to see each other from time to time but it makes those moments together a real treat. This past weekend I made my way to Des Moines, Iowa to hang out with some other midwest blogging… Read more »

A Long and Fun Weekend

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If I were one of those bloggers who apologized for not blogging, then right now I’d be apologizing but seeing as I was away from the blog because I was busy living LIFE, living in the moment and treating myself, that’s not happening. No apologies here. In fact what I will say, is that I hope each and every one… Read more »

How I’ve Been Treating Myself Lately

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For someone who tries really hard to save their money and be good about spending, I’ve had quite the case of retail therapy lately. Remember my trip to Lulu a few weeks ago? I don’t in any way regret that shopping trip (can you regret a trip to Lulu?), but as I set out Friday night on another little shopping… Read more »

Retail Therapy

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I’m a girl on a constant budget. That’s just how I am. I always feel like I’m living paycheck to paycheck, that I’m never saving enough and that I’m always spending too much (even when I’m not spending anything besides the necessities – rent, groceries, bills). But sometimes, sometimes, we all need a little retail therapy. And I don’t allow… Read more »