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Birthday Treats

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Birthdays are all about treating ones self, am I right? To take time for yourself to do something that you need, to relax and to spend time with those you care about. Life on the road and when you share a birthday with the person you’re on the road with, it kind of changes things up a bit. Not necessarily… Read more »

Taking Time for Treats During a Busy Week

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It’s been a really busy past week for me with 50 States stuff. We had 4 events in 5 days, followed by hanging out with my sister for a few hours before she left to go back home for Christmas. And just when we thought we’d have an easier day to hang out and play catch-up, we realized just how… Read more »

A Long and Fun Weekend

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If I were one of those bloggers who apologized for not blogging, then right now I’d be apologizing but seeing as I was away from the blog because I was busy living LIFE, living in the moment and treating myself, that’s not happening. No apologies here. In fact what I will say, is that I hope each and every one… Read more »