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VIDEO: My Current Obsessions

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As I’m playing around with Youtube more and more, I’m learning that it does not like to let me upload my own images and instead it chooses the exact second in the video when I am making an insane face and use that as the video image. Oy vey. Anyway, I am still enjoying playing around with YouTube so as… Read more »

TLSM Meets YouTube

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Are you ready to see the first big change of 2016 around the blog? YOUTUBE! That’s right! I’m diving in to new things in 2016 and video is one of those things! We’ll see how this goes but my hope and plan is to check in with you all every Tuesday with a new video! Have something you want to… Read more »

She Said YES

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Before you get all excited, it’s not me.  I’m just as single as I was yesterday. HA! Yesterday was Justine’s bachelorette party and we had an amazing and fun time!  That night wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t say yes.  Maybe more on that later, maybe not. Then there’s this: She said yes too.  But before she could say yes,… Read more »

Music Monday // Midnight City

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Midnight City – M83 I can’t speak to the rest of the album, but I know that lately this has been one of my favorite songs to come on the radio in the last several weeks.  I’m not quite sure what it is about this song but I love it.  And the video is just interesting.  And a little weird. … Read more »

Music Monday // Tallest Man On Earth

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I love when people tell me about new music.  Music that I need to hear because they think I’ll really enjoy it.  Generally, they’re right. The other day my friend came to me and said “I need you to hear this band!  I really think you’ll like them.”  She pulls up YouTube and starts playing a few songs.  She was… Read more »