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Eats From The Road

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For many people traveling means a lot of fast food and eating out and while we have had a few meals out with friends as we pass through their neck of the woods, a huge reason for getting the RV was so that Sam and I could cook healthy meals for ourselves. Not to mention save money by buying groceries…. Read more »

Healthy Snacking While Moving

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This is what my garage looks like right now… Actually, I’ll be honest, that photo was taken yesterday morning so I guarantee you, my garage looks worse right now. I’ll also admit, that’s only my side of the garage and as the resident OCD-crazy-organized one, my side is a bit easier on the eyes. 😉 In case you can’t tell,… Read more »

A Week Of No Nut Butter (GASP!)

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There’s no doubt that I love peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter…doesn’t matter, I love them all! Whether smeared on toast or a banana, as a dip for apples or celery, or just on a spoon, lately I felt like I was overdoing it a bit. I didn’t feel like I could simply cut back so instead I decided to… Read more »

AMRAP Bars (+ Giveaway)!

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For some reason I thought things would get simpler when I only had to focus on planning 50 States…hah! Was I ever mistaken! After a busy (and fun) weekend, I was excited to buckle down and really get my hands into planning. But my day yesterday had me running all over the place and even after a great meeting with… Read more »

Cooking With Green Tea

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There’s no doubt the last few weeks (months maybe?) that getting the motivation to COOK dinner (aside from eggs or throwing a salad together) is just too much work. Whether it’s because I’m feeling too tired, lazy or just unmotivated doesn’t matter, the fact is just that it needs to change. Those nights are ok (and normal) once and awhile,… Read more »

Bloggers Don’t Turn Down Froyo

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I mentioned that Amanda was coming to town over the weekend to run the Pretty Muddy mud run (more on that tomorrow!) but it was also her boyfriend’s birthday weekend so he came with and we turned it into a big weekend of fun!   They got to town Friday night and as soon as they arrived, we made our… Read more »

(Some) Eats Lately

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Once again I was hoping for that new “day in the life” with my eats…and then once again I forgot to actually take the photos. Where is my head lately? Actually, don’t answer that, I’ll tell you tomorrow. (teaser – come back tomorrow!) Thankfully, I do have some yummy and delicious and random eats to share with you. Hopefully they’ll… Read more »