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Salads Lately

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Salads have been one of my favorite foods for quite some time. I love making what I call my “garbage bowl” salads because they contain pretty much everything and anything that happen to be in my fridge, simply tossed on top of some dark leafy greens. Easy to make and super delicious.   I’ve been needing to change up my… Read more »

Vegetarian Taco Filling

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I’m bringing back an oldie but a goodie today. A couple years ago I created this recipe for a company that I was writing for…since I was never paid for it and no longer write for them (I don’t even know if they’re still around?), I decided it’s okay for me to share it….it is MY recipe after all, right?… Read more »

Taking Breakfast To Go

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One of my favorite things lately has been to work from a coffee shop, whether my local coffee shop or a nearby Starbucks, I love having that change of scenery. I swear it really increases my productivity. (Working from home…and your bedroom…is not an easy task!) I often wake up early, head to the gym for my workout, shower &… Read more »

Breaking Out of My Food Rut

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I must admit, I’ve been in a food rut lately. It happens from time to time as I find some of my favorite foods and just can’t get enough of them…well, at least until I’ve had enough. 😉 And while I LOVE salads, I wasn’t giving myself enough variety and started to burn out. It was time to start changing… Read more »

Chia Pudding – How To

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I must admit, I have a new breakfast obsession. I’m sure many of you have seen or heard of chia pudding. If not, well, I’m going to introduce you to it today. You’re welcome. 😉   When I first wanted to try chia pudding, I found a lot of different recipes for it. It was a bit overwhelming and honestly… Read more »

GF in Boston

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As we all know, last week I was in Boston wishing I still lived there for work. This was going to be my first time traveling gluten-free but I tried to plan ahead with my airport food + snacks for the week and hoped it wouldn’t be too bad. And for the most part it wasn’t.  Let’s take a look… Read more »

Gifts for the Foodie + Recipe

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It’s the last day of my 5 Days of Gift Guides. In case you missed any, be sure to check out the Gift Guide for the Fitness Fanatic, Music Enthusiast, Far-Away Friend but most important, the Gift Guide for Gifts that Give Back! With that, today we’re moving on to gifts for the foodie. Personally I have a few of… Read more »