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How to Deal With the Winter Blues

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I’ve said this numerous times, but when living in LA, I really missed the seasons. Yes, I understand that I can drive to the mountains if I want snow, but I need the season changes – fall, winter, spring and summer. I swear that by not having them, I lost track of time and honestly, I feel like I went… Read more »

Winter Training Tips

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When I picked my first 1/2 marathon, I thought I was thinking it through.  I made sure to allow enough time for training; I didn’t pick the middle of summer so to try and avoid extreme heat; I didn’t pick too early in the year so that I’d train all winter…uhh.  About that last one – I guess I could… Read more »

Winter Bucket List 2012

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Remember my Summer and Fall Bucket Lists?  Well they were so much fun and gave me so much to look forward to all season, I knew I wanted to make one for the Winter as well.  I started writing this for myself several weeks ago and while I had hoped to share it on the Winter Solstice, it didn’t work… Read more »