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A Case of Multitasking Gone Wrong

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Fall is my favorite. The cooler sweater weather, the multi-colored crunchy leaves and the crisp fresh air. It makes for the perfect early morning run and afternoon walk once the sun has had some time to warm it up a bit. With that said, I am a bit ashamed to admit that despite my love for this season, I haven’t… Read more »

Top Tips for Working From Home

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I love my job. I’ll tell you that over and over again because it’s true. I absolutely love my job. As with all jobs, it doesn’t come without it’s struggles or challenging days, but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it and I love job, my company and the way I get to spend my life. But… Read more »

Coming Together

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Things are coming together.  We got our internet and cable set up today, there’s more things put away (aka less boxes everywhere), and I’m starting to feel more at home.  Soon we’ll hopefully get pictures and stuff on the wall and I can share our space with you.  For now, you just get this little sneak peak I shared on… Read more »

I woke up with a headache…

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Now, before all of you start throwing out your “too many drinks yesterday, huh?” comments, I should stop you.  This is what my day looked like: 4:30am – wake up 6:00am – 3:00pm – working 3:30pm – home from work, ate a snack and started reading blogs while relaxing in bed 4:30/4:45/5pm – somewhere in here I passed out.  And… Read more »