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Friday Five Workout with the Kamagon Ball

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Over the last year and a half, my workouts (aside from hot yoga) have taken place either in my apartment or at my apartment’s small fitness center. I appreciate having some place to go that’s “outside” my apartment, but the fitness center definitely doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles and fun extras that you can sometimes find at… Read more »

6 Travel-Friendly Workouts

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Despite the three trips to Seattle for work this year, my job doesn’t actually require much travel. I  do love to travel though and as such, I embrace every opportunity that may come my way to do so. With that said, when I do travel, whether it be for personal or business purposes, I find it important to keep certain… Read more »

Mini Bands BOOTY Burning Workout

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Are you ready to make your booty burn? I know I have mentioned mini bands before (they are perfect for travel!) but these things were seriously one of the best investments I’ve made in my “home gym” equipment purchases! While mini bands are great for so many things, one of my favorite ways to use them is for some serious… Read more »

20 Minute Jump Rope Tabata

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One of my favorite kinds of workouts to love to hate are tabatas. If you haven’t heard of a tabata or don’t really know what it is, first and foremost, they are tricky little guys that look relatively easy, but really will kick your butt. Second, they are a form of HIIT (high intensity interval training) where you work hard… Read more »

10 minute Medicine Ball Circuit

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First and foremost, I want to start by saying that it’s been way too long since I shared a new workout for you all. I’ve been in the land of Tone It Up circuits, hot yoga and running that it just slipped my mind. I’m sure on some level you all aren’t complaining… 😉 Lucky for you and me, I… Read more »

4 Travel Workout Essentials

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With summer time here so is summer travel. While I’m an advocate for moderation and maybe more importantly rest, I also think it’s important to listen to your body and when it feels right, maintain your healthy lifestyle. Therefore, today I’m going to share four of the easiest and best workout travel essentials. 1.Resistance Bands I’ve preached my love for… Read more »

The Most Motivational Workout Playlist

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With spring here (can we just give a big THANK YOU, MOTHER NATURE for the beautiful weather this weekend?! -sorry, Colorado), getting outside for a workout becomes more and more attractive. Despite a long weekend of working at my second job, the weather was just way too beautiful to pass up. My morning on Saturday was filled with errands (i.e…. Read more »