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Weekly Workout Wrap-up + Winner

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Say that four times fast… You wouldn’t know it from looking at my workouts this past week but it’s been a rough workout week. Not in the way of actually GETTING to the gym and GETTING the workout in, but where I am mentally when I’m there. I struggled through a mile run yesterday morning which isn’t like me. Sometimes… Read more »

Deck of Cards Workout

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It got cold in Chicago (and most of the rest of the country!) on Monday.  Apparently we were in a “Polar Vortex” whatever that means…but with a high of -11 with a -35 windchill (at one point I checked the temp and it was -45 windchill!) schools all around the area were closed (many closed Tuesday, as well), businesses were… Read more »

The 5 Minute Ab Burner

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I’m having a great time in Boston. It’s been so amazing getting to meet and connect with the team here and while I’m sad that I’ll be boarding a plane this evening to head back to Chicago, I know I have their support to keep pushing forward and really rock it.   Anyway, I’m going to keep this rather quick… Read more »

30 Min Kettlebell Row Workout

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As I mentioned yesterday, I’m gearing up for a busy weekend. You know, one of those weekend’s that you thought might be fairly relaxing and then you blink and you’re wondering how you’re doing to get it all done and have time to eat and breathe. Okay, so it may not be THAT busy but today does have that potential… Read more »

Kettle-bell Supersets

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Despite my little announcement on Tuesday, I’m still a certified personal trainer…and as a trainer, I haven’t shared a workout with you all in far too long so I decided it was time to bring back Trainer’s Tip Thursday and share with you all a fun Kettlebell workout I created for myself on Monday. As you all know, Sunday will… Read more »

Fitness Friday

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A couple of my friends received an email from me last night with this picture: That’s me after the crazy last two days of work.  I’ve been able to stay happy and positive, but it’s been pretty insane and I’m hoping things at least kind of slow down so I can breathe.     Thankfully it’s Friday which means the… Read more »

Trainer’s Tip / Total Body + Abs

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When I went into my workout on Tuesday, I wasn’t expecting to kick my butt. HA! But I did and I did it without pushing beyond my body’s limits. I walked into the gym Tuesday with a full-body strength workout in hand (one I created many months ago) and while I made some changes on the fly, I was in… Read more »