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Setting A Goal – Yoga

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I must admit, I’m still fighting a funk. I’ve been trying to follow my own advice for dealing with the winter blues, but I walked into my chiropractor’s office yesterday and said “may I please have an attitude adjustment?” No joke.   I’m trying to be careful and not let myself slip down the slippery slope of negativity so I’m… Read more »

Fitness Friday // Yogi of the Month!

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I’ll be honest with you, I’ve had a hard time getting motivated to work out this week.  I’m blaming it on the adjustment of moving and not having a real schedule or groove figured out for myself.  I also know that I accomplish more when I’m busy and seeing as I’m not, it just feels like I have all day… Read more »

Fitness Friday // Did I Hit My Yoga Goal?

It’s Friday the 13th…should we be concerned?  I don’t really consider myself someone overly superstitious, but sometimes.  Growing up with a black cat, I’ve never had a problem crossing a black cat.  Smokey wouldn’t hurt a fly.  Well, maybe a fly. Anyway, can I just say how proud I am that I hit my goal of doing yoga 3 times… Read more »