Take a break…sheesh!

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One of the hardest things to do is to listen and trust ourselves and our bodies.  It’s difficult to not listen to your thoughts sometimes, especially when you know they’re not accurate.
I learned that one of my best ways to release stress, gain energy and free my mind was through exercise.  By constantly pushing my body through physical challenges, I was learning to overcome things that my thoughts told me I couldn’t.  It may not make sense to everyone but it’s changed my life.
But despite all that, there are days when as much as I want a good workout I have to force myself not to go.  Our bodies need a break, especially when we are sick, injured or there’s something else unexplainable going on.  That was last night.  I’m going through several tests and doctor appointments to determine the cause of a constant pain in my side that began over a month ago while I was in Philadelphia.  Until last night, the pain hadn’t hit the “stabbing” point since Philly.  I sit here now with a great desire to go for a run to release the stress imposed on me in last night’s panic.  But I know I shouldn’t and my concerned friends keep telling me I shouldn’t, so I’m not going to.  It’s a shame to have all morning for a great workout but not actually be able to use the time.
Sometimes we need the reminder to listen to our bodies and when they need a break.  I’m going to try to do a short workout video to move my body and help figure out where it’s at but I’m not going to push myself to my max today.  I know my limits.  Sometimes, we just need a reminder to put ourselves first.
And sometimes we need breakfast dates with friends on a Sunday morning to chat and relax.  Thanks to Amy for having the idea and spending her Sunday morning before work with me. 🙂