Take Off Your Shoes!!

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Do you know what day today is?  More like, do you remember what day today is?  A few weeks ago I was talking about how much I love TOMS shoes and the work the company does.  Well I also mentioned how Tuesday, April 5th was the “One Day Without Shoes” Event – that’s TODAY!  (http://www.onedaywithoutshoes.com/)  
I love this event and plan to participate to the best of my abilities today.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure how well showing up to work with no shoes would go over with my managers (and special visitors) but thankfully I have two adorable pairs of TOMS shoes to choose from and my “One Day Without Shoes” event tshirt that I purchased a few weeks ago!  I’m also spending my time at home without my shoes on. 🙂

Sometimes I wish I could work for TOMS part-time (sorry Apple, don’t get jealous, I still <3 you).  I don’t know what I would be able or looking to do there, but it just seems like a fun and inspiring company to work for.  And if I ever got to go with on one of their shoe-delivery trips, I’d be honored.  
Anyway, please join me in support of One Day Without Shoes! 

How will you participate?