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I’m going to be totally honest, it felt like it took foreverrrrrr to get to Friday! Am I alone on that? I think it’s because we’re staring at a short week next week and getting a bit of that pre-holiday brain happening. I know I definitely am!

I finished my holiday shopping from my couch Wednesday evening (thank you Amazon!) and now I’m just waiting for them to arrive and join the other gifts that will be packed up and taken with me to IL next week. If you’re looking for any last minute gift ideas, be sure to check out the round up and get your shopping done.


Anyway, my formal workouts this week have mostly been non-existent. We got pulled to help out in the warehouse again so there were a couple days of heavy walking, leaving only a couple days where I got in a row or circuit. I was hoping to fit in some yoga but it’s been hard to get myself to do it, even though I don’t have to go anywhere but my living room in order to make it happen.

I’m thinking ahead to 2016 (I say that like it’s far away or something, ha!) but I’m trying to decide what’s working for this blog and what’s not. I got some feedback from the survey and while some of it was surprising, some of it was fairly obvious, but the reassurance was nice.


One of those things is Fitness Friday…the link-up is a total flop, even with my best efforts to liven it up. I’ve stopped it and brought it back more than a few times over the last 5 years and while I don’t think I’m done sharing my workouts, 2015 is the year I bury the Fitness Friday linkup. I’m not mourning the loss, I’m simply moving on with what fits better with this space and my readers.

So my workouts for the week? They’ll be below.

The linkup that usually goes with it? Gone. Poof.

Friday 12/11

4 mile walk (warehouse support)

Saturday 12/12

30 mins stationary bike

4 rounds of 12 reps:

Goblet Squat

Shoulder Press

Triceps Kickback

Side Bends

Sunday 12/13

2 ½ mile run

Monday 12/14


Tuesday 12/15

8.15 mile walk (warehouse support)

Wednesday 12/16

9 mile walk (warehouse support)

Thursday 12/17

3 mile walk (warehouse support)


Are you done with your holiday shopping?

Plans for your weekend?

5 thoughts on “TGIF…Poof!

  1. Kim M

    I still have shopping to do. For me the week flew by but probably because its been so busy here. And trying to get prepared for having the boys home for 2 weeks too. LOL

  2. Chrissy

    I hear you on the week taking forever! I guess it’s because of the short week ahead as well. Hope your trip to IL will be fabulous! Happy Friday!

  3. Laura

    I love the way you share your workouts! I’ve also been trying to fit some yoga in this week 🙂
    Hope you have a great weekend 🙂
    xo, Laura

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