That Week I Forgot a Rest Day

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It’s been one of those weeks when my body is feeling FANTASTIC! I was having some issues with my hamstrings, IT bands & tail bone over the weekend/early in the week but I stayed tuned-in to how my body was feeling and ended up having a lot of amazing workouts!


There was no formal rest day this week but my body is feeling strong, not tired. Now don’t worry, I will be taking a rest day, Blend bootcamps threw my off my usual schedule and since I was feeling good, I didn’t really realize I didn’t take one. Oops.

Anyway, thanks to all who entered the Bondi Band giveaway – the winner has been notified by email!


So let’s get to my workouts, shall we?

Friday 6/6
2 ½ mile run
10 mins jump rope work


Saturday 6/7
Bootcamp w/ Onnit
6 mile hike (approx)


Sunday 6/8
Bootcamp w/ GPP


Monday 6/9
CrossFit – strength: squat clean #40 1RM
AMRAP in 10: 10 clapping push-up (w/ purple band)/20 air squats/60 single unders – 5+11 squats


Tuesday 6/10
3 mile run


Wednesday 6/11
CrossFit- strength: EMOM 6: 2 power cleans #35 / 4 box jumps 20″
4 rounds for time: 10 unbroken hang snatch 25# / 15 wall balls 6# / 10 box jumps- up & over 20″ – 9:21


Thursday 6/12
CrossFit – strength back squats 5-3-1+ 85# (5)
AMRAP 20:00: 300m run/20 pull-ups (green & red band) / 20 KB swings (20#) – 4 + run
1 mile run

How did you stay active this week? 


What plans do you have for your weekend?

3 thoughts on “That Week I Forgot a Rest Day

  1. Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries

    Awesome job with your workouts! And I’m glad to hear your body is cooperating for you. 🙂 I, on the other hand, have barely worked out this week. Ha! I was so exhausted at the beginning of the week, then got sick, and now I’m just trying to save up some energy for this weekend’s Body Pump training. Hopefully next week will be different! I miss my workouts!

    1. Katie Post author

      Thanks, girl! Don’t worry about this week. You took the rest because your body NEEDED it to get you feeling better and ready for your busy weekend ahead. 🙂

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