The 24 Hour Run (15 years later)

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I have a story for you today.  I mean I guess in theory, I always have a story for you, but today is different.  Today is a story that goes back to my childhood, more specifically, my middle school days.

There was this thing in middle school called the 24 hour run.  The whole idea was that you were a part of a relay team and each person would take turns running (or walking if you had to) 1 mile for the total of 24 hours, so over the course of this time you were running a lot of miles.  (And if I remember correctly, teams raised money for a charity?) Anyway, the 24 hour run was headed by one of our PE teachers, Mr. Kaiser, and anyone could sign up.  Kind of.

This is where this story gets interesting…

I remembered watching people and friends running one year (6th grade?) and then I believe it was either 7th or 8th grade when my friend Shaina and I decided that we wanted to do it.  Neither of us were runners but they said there was training and we were up for the challenge.  (Keep in mind this was before I knew I had asthma or was really that active).

After the first training / test run, Mr. Kaiser advised Shaina and I to back out.  He thought we were too slow and didn’t think we could survive the 24 hours, even with training.  Now I don’t believe those were his exact words but to this day, that is the memory of his message that has stayed imprinted in my mind.

Sadly, this wouldn’t be the only time a teacher told me I couldn’t do something and wasn’t good enough, but those are stories for another day.

Clearly this memory has stuck with me for the last 15 or so years.  We could go into a debate about empowering vs. discouraging people, or we can take a moment to realize how far I’ve come since then. I’m choosing the later.

-Maybe I can’t run in a 24 hour relay, but I’m training for a 10k and have consistently been running 3-4 miles at a time.

-I’ve been diagnosed with asthma, put on regulation medication and been working to build up the strength of my lungs – by running!

-Despite increasing my mileage, I’ve decreased my mileage time – sub 10 minute mile, I’ll take it!

-I’ve become so passionate about my running (and fitness routine in general), that I share my weekly workouts and have inspired others to start running (or at least I got my sister to start running).

So Mr. Kaiser, I understand you’ve been named Teacher of the ____ (month, year, etc) several times now but let me teach you something through my story – do not underestimate what I (or any child for that matter) can do!  I may not be the fastest, most in-shape, or strongest runner, but I deserve just as much of a shot as the next kid; I just may surprise you.

Tell me a story!  A story of an accomplishment; a story of someone not giving you enough credit; doesn’t matter, just tell me a story!

12 thoughts on “The 24 Hour Run (15 years later)

    1. admin Post author

      It definitely surprises me the things teachers say / how they choose to say it. And then, how those messages sit with us for years after.

    1. admin Post author

      GO YOU! That’s awesome! I’m on daily meds which have helped a LOT but I also feel a huge difference when I’m building up my lungs.

  1. Lauren @SizzleEats

    I LOVE this story! Seriously! I have been told so many times that I can’t do something I know that it has shaped who I am today, and what I do.

    But it only takes overcoming 1 of those, you can’t do this, to realize that YOU are the only that can stop something from happening..if you believe them.

    Go get it! I’m training for my first half marathon and plan to run my first 10K in Oct. so I’m right there with you.

    1. admin Post author

      Good luck with your 1/2 training – I’m hoping to run one next year!! (And I might start training as soon as I finish my 10k training).

  2. Courtney

    GREAT post! This made me so happy to read 🙂 Ok here’s my story: a few years ago I was having seizures while exercising and doctors didn’t know why. I was a stubborn girl (still am!) so I kept exercising even though I knew I could go down at any time. I ran the 2-mile race at a high school track meet 3 days after having an episode at track practice, and it was such a good feeling to prove to everyone that I was okay. The end. 🙂

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