The A Team

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I love when a song tells a story.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be deep or super meaningful, but a story none-the-less.  But those songs with the deep, heartfelt stories, they just touch a whole other level.  Are you following me here?


Some are happy; some sad; some exciting; some heartbreaking; some take you along for whatever that journey may be.


Then you’ve got a video that may or may not tell the story.  Sometimes those stories may be too hard to share or too real to share.  Maybe the story is totally kept out of the video and you’re left to your own imagination and interpretation.  Still with me?

Music has this ability to make you feel something.  It’s one of the reasons why it’s so powerful and easily such an important part of so many people’s lives.  Mine included.


So I heard this song…I thought it was pretty.  I heard it again…and I started listening.  I heard it again…and I started singing along.  I watched the video…and every word really stuck out to me; every word came to life; the story came to life.

Source: via Patti on Pinterest


Watch the video.  Don’t just listen.  Actively watch the video and actively pay attention to each lyric.  Then tell me you don’t feel something.  Then tell me music doesn’t tell a story.  Then tell me music isn’t anything.


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