The Best of TLSM 2014

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As I set out to start writing this post the other day, I wasn’t sure what I’d find and if it’d be worth sharing. But the great thing about posts like these, is that you’re reminded about all of the wonderful, amazing, heart-breaking, helpful and motivating things that have happened throughout the year.

best of TLSM 2014

I laughed, I cried, and I sang along to some great music. It’s been a roller coaster 2014 but that’s every year and it’s really cool to see events that happened, things I said and then decisions that came after that which were obviously shaped by those other experiences. What a year of growth and discovery for me. Let’s take a look, shall we?



My Top Tips for Working From Home

How to: Get Over Being Sick Faster <-tis the season…

The $10-$100 At-Home Gym

5 Tips To Find Your Workout Motivation

How To Deal With A Job You Don’t Love



How To Deal With the Winter Blues

Chia Pudding: How To

My Top 3 Tips to Drink More Water

The Common Denominator

A Love Letter To Myself <-I need to read and re-read this one

My Top Tips to Stay Active While Traveling

Tips for the Introvert in an Extroverted World



The Big Ol’ Hypocrite

The Only Way…

Wedding Weekend in Tulsa

The Corn Kernel in Your Teeth <-very fitting for me right now 😉

5 Places to Spring Clean

Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat?



Top Outdoor Running Safety Tips

Stability Ball Plank Workout <-this just got added to today’s workout agenda

The Art of Work-Life Balance

Mad To Live <-this brought me to tears

A Heavy Heart <-you’re still very much missed, my friend



Boston Run to Remember Recap

A Part of the Journey <-“Maybe it’s not wanting to ever call one place home but rather call the open-road home.” WHOA!

5 Songs to Add To Your Running Playlist

When Was The Last Time You Stepped Outside Your Comfort Zone <-AKA: the start of my CrossFit love affair



4 Ways I Modify CrossFit for Me <-seriously, anyone can do it!


Something’s Gotta Give, Right?

Phones Vs. Friends <-still a great reminder!

My Top Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving



The Gray Area

Learning to be Flexible

Creating Healthy Habits

That Time I Dropped A Barbell on Myself <-Alternate title: It’s the community of CrossFit that can’t be ignored

3 Lessons Learned While Marathon Training

Progress, Not Perfection

Just Take the Compliment <-SERIOUSLY!

5 Things I Love About CrossFit <-hasn’t changed! 😉



7 Days of Positivity <-I might have to do this again!

Dream Big Things, Do Big Things, Make Big Impact <- 🙂

A Tough Decision <-I know the time wasn’t right and it was the right decision, but this still breaks my heart

The Unexpected Benefit of CrossFit




Hitting a New PR


Everything Had Meaning

The 9/11 Tribute WOD

Breaking Down the CrossFit Lingo




Advocare & CrossFit

The Apology I Never Got <-I remind myself of that quote every time the memories start to hurt

Grab This Opportunity & GO!

Explore. Dream. Discover.



Can’t Be Broken

I’m Writing Again <-probably not in the way you think!



Two Kick Your Butt Hotel WODs

A Return To Healthy Habits

The Music Currently Feeding My Soul

I’m Excited to Announce

Happy 2014, friends! Cheers to many more awesome posts in 2015!

Isn’t it marvelous?

4 thoughts on “The Best of TLSM 2014

  1. Chris

    It’s been a good year of writing! When you do this next year, think of all the adventures you will get to relive! Cheers to the new year friend.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thanks so much, friend!! It’s too bad we didn’t get to stop at your box when we were passing through! That would have been fun!

  2. Traci

    I especially like your little notes. I’m clicking through some of the July ones, I don’t remember reading some of those and the titles are intriguing. Happy end of 2014!

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