The Big Ol’ Hypocrite

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I can’t tell you what prompted me to sit in front of a camera with my hair all astray and no make-up on my face, but I did it. I hit “record” and I started rambling, something I excel at doing. I liked where the video went but as I was watching it back I found myself criticizing everything – “oh my gosh, you should have at least put on a little cc cream, you’re so blotchy” “you really need that hair cut, your hair is horrifically out of control; I hope it didn’t look like that on your work trip” “that shirt is doing nothing for your figure, it might be time for it to hit the donate pile.”



I’m listening to myself talk about loving yourself – on the inside and out – and here I am, being one big ol’ hypocrite and hating on myself. And by the time I made it to the end of this short 3 minute video, I was loving the glow of my face, the warmth and sincerity in my words and I found I wasn’t just speaking to you, I was speaking to myself.


During all the hate, I found myself wondering if I would actually post the video but by the end when I traveled on my own short little 3 minute journey, there was no question. I had to. So here I am, in all of my goofy, messy hair, no make-up glory. Take me as I am.

With that, I’ll leave you with this quote:


How do you squash your negative self talk?

12 thoughts on “The Big Ol’ Hypocrite

  1. Traci

    Wow, your hair really is SO long. I have blonde hair which probably hides some greys–hard to say whether or not I have them. Anyway, love the message and the quote.

  2. Kim @ Racing Bananas

    You’re hair is awesomely long! We all fall victim to the judging ourselves trap – the awesome thing is you recognized it and learned from it! I should learn to do the same!

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