The Common Denominator

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I hope you’re all having a great week. And if you’re not, remember that tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is right around the corner. 😉


My week has been busy with meetings and preparing for next week at the Folk Alliance International. But regardless I’ve been thinking a lot about a conversation I had with my roommate and her mom a couple weeks ago. We were sitting around eating dinner and chatting and her mom brought up my extreme dedication – in my work and my healthy lifestyle + fitness.


Which got me thinking, it’s like my common denominator. Whoa! I know, I’m totally pulling out old math vocabulary but it’s totally true. I’m a determined and dedicated person. I don’t do things half way, I do them all the way!


When it comes to working from home and needing to focus on the job at hand and not on the chores to get done around the house – dedication.

When it comes to a job that as much as you love it comes with it’s trials, especially as you’re still figuring it all out – dedication.

When it comes to training for a half marathon (as well as any other race distance I’ve run) – dedication.

When it comes to focusing on my diet and eating mostly real, unprocessed foods – dedication.

When it comes to removing gluten from my diet in order to see if I notice a change – dedication.

When it comes to managing/book a band that no one knows yet but should and will, despite working two other jobs – dedication.

When it comes to picking up your life and moving across the country multiple times, basically starting over and meeting all new people each time – dedication.

And every other scenario from the last 26 (almost 27) years of my life – dedication.



What’s your common denominator?

2 thoughts on “The Common Denominator

  1. Lindsay

    Oh yes, your common denominator is determination and it’s freaking awesome. We need that reminder! Mine would be support. Well at least I hope it is

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