The Day the Doctor Ordered

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Sometimes it takes getting away to feel better, even without getting away.  Yesterday, all it took was a drive up PCH and a gorgeous hike through Malibu.

It doesn’t look like this where I live:

I mean, it does, but it requires the above mentioned drive to get me here.  And it’s worth every minute.  Someone please remind me that I need to do this more often.  For my own health and sanity.

It was my good friend, Justine’s birthday this past week and to celebrate she decided to split her birthday in two: a hike + dinner.  She didn’t actually expect the hike to be so popular, but there ended up being 9 of us + 3 dogs and we had a blast!

It was definitely more challenging than we anticipated at times but thankfully we all left in one piece.  I slipped when we were going back down one of the tougher areas where there’s a rope to help you.  I was almost there and I think I got too confident, stopped paying attention for 1 second and slipped.  I’ve got a nice rope burn (from my bag) and a cut on my elbow.  They’re battle scars and they make me a bad ass! (Just let me believe it…)

The weather was perfect and I got some great shots.

On the way home we stopped for coffee, ate a quick lunch and then I headed for the gym for some strength training.  It was a good day.  And just the day I think the doctor ordered.

Thank you all for your support on yesterday’s post.  I was honestly super nervous to post it, but after a friend told me to just “do it”, I did and was immediately humbled by the outcry of love and support.  You’re all wonderful.

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