The “Do Anywhere” Med Ball SweatFest

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After witnessing the truck accident last Friday, we decided to treat ourselves to the weekend at an RV park. I read reviews and discovered that Emigrant Lake was the best choice and let me just say, I was not disappointed.

The RV park overlooks the lake and it was just absolutely gorgeous waking up each morning with beautiful views or just sitting outside to read in the afternoon sun. I got a little work done over the weekend but more importantly I tried to just be really understanding with myself and recover from a rough start to the weekend.

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Sunday was the last full day there and I woke up ready for a good workout. My original plan was to get in a 3 mile run around the lake but after a very rough 2 miles of pure hills, I decided to change things up a bit. I sat in bed with my window open staring out onto the lake and watching boats prepare for a day on the water while I programmed this workout for myself.

medball sweatfest

This is one of those workouts that will challenge you physically and mentally and no doubt, will make you sweat. Even better, it can be done anywhere, even while at a campground and all you need is a medicine ball!

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Now, throw on that sports bra, tank top and shorts and put your hair in a giant bun on the top of your head (please tell me you’ve seen that meme?! If not, you’re welcome…) and get to it!

Try the workout? Let me know what you think!