The Final Photo a Day June

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I have this thing with the Photo A Day challenges, I never actually do a very good job at completing them, at least after the first couple months I did it.  This generally happens when there is a topic that doesn’t interest me or inspire me, or I have a super busy day and just don’t have time to take a picture or two.

Despite that, I generally try to go back and make up for the “lost” images.  This time, I had to go back…way, way back.  But I did it and here it is.  The remaining month of June in photos.

In other news, I’m late to posting today because Amy and I have officially made it to Boston.  We took a red-eye last night and have spent the day walking, wondering, eating and relaxing.  More on our trip and where we are staying later.

 What was the highlight of your weekend?