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The holidays are officially in full swing and despite a long weekend away from my full-time job, I still spent the weekend working at my second job so things didn’t really slow down for me. But that’s okay. Seeing people come into the store shopping for their loved ones or scoping things out for themselves to go tell their loved ones to come back for, you couldn’t help but feel a bit of that Christmas spirit yourself. To be expected, it got me thinking about the holidays, the gifts I’d love to receive but even more so, the gifts I want to give my loved ones. 

If you have any fitness loving people in your life, then today’s gift guide may be just what you’re looking for! I had the chance to try out the ActivMotion bar which totally sparked my excitement to build up my at-home gym and reignite my workouts with some new equipment. Here are some fun ideas for the fellow fitness lovers in your life:

At home fitness equipment

I’m really loving the challenge of my new ActivMotion bar but I also love having a set of dumbbells, medicine ball, and stability ball on hand. For 25% off your ActivMotion bar, use code fitapproach25, good through the holidays!

A new yoga mat

I assure you, these don’t last forever. I currently practice on a Lululemon mat but I used this one in the past and really liked it.

New Gym Bag

Can I suggest the Lily tote from Lole? This bag is great for the gym, travel, and carrying your yoga mat! It’s definitely on my wishlist!

New fitness apparel

Our gym shorts, yoga pants, tanks, and bras don’t last as long as we’d like them to sometimes. I also suggest nice workout socks that you don’t have to worry about falling down like Smartwool socks!

Wireless workout headphones

I have a pair of these on my wishlist this year as I finally hit the point I was sick of being attached to my phone via a cord and eventually ripping the earbuds out of my ears when my arm accidentally catches the cord. I know I can’t be the only one! (I’m eyeing these ones!)

RoadID bracelet

I bought a RoadID for my sister one year for Christmas and it made my whole family laugh but it’s also such a great idea especially for those of us who like to head outdoors for a run or long walk. I’m trying to be better about actually USING mine.

Gift card

This can be to their favorite fitness apparel store, yoga studio, gym or other boutique fitness center. 

What other fitness gifts would you want to receive or give to your fellow fitness loving friend?


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