The Impact of the Full Moon on My Training & Weekly Workouts #29

Did anyone else have trouble waking up and/or sleeping last week? For me, it was awful. I wasn’t sleeping well, even if I went to bed at a reasonable hour and was tired, I was waking up, tossing and turning, struggling to fall back/stay asleep, and would wake up with my alarm feeling like I got only 2 hours of sleep. It was such a strange week. I was grateful to find out that I wasn’t alone when friends were dealing with a lot of the same thing, but man, it took its toll.

Since I struggled to get out of bed in the morning, I was skipping my morning workouts in hopes of added rest and sneaking in a quick workout after work before coming home to Poncho or before running off to teach my yoga classes. It lead to workouts that felt rushed and often had to be cut down shorter to fit the allotted time. I’m still proud of myself for finding ways to get something in, but I’m definitely hoping for a better week.

A friend of mine mentioned that the Full Moon can lead to all sorts of wonky sleep and since the worst of the nights was Saturday night, I’m hoping things will be turning themselves around this week as I recommit to my training for the Ragnar run next month!

Monday 5/13:

Tuesday 5/14:
W2/D2: Shoulders & Abs
Muscle Burnout Finishing Circuit

Wednesday 5/15:
W2/D1: Legs & Butt

Thursday 5/16:
TIU Treadmill HIIT
Ab Workout: Weighted

Friday 5/17:
20 minutes of yoga at home

Saturday 5/18:
60-minute hot yoga class

Sunday 5/19:
4-mile run

Did you struggle with poor sleep last week?

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  1. Beth

    I had strange dreams and a few nights of tossing and turning too! I had no idea it could have something to do with the full moon! Good to know!

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