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It was quite the nice surprised when I realized (remembered) that I had the day off and while part of me would have enjoyed a fun day with friends, today was exactly the day that I needed!
I allowed myself to sleep through both of my morning alarms and rolled out of bed when my internal alarm went off (my growling stomach).  As I drank my coffee, ate my breakfast and was doing a little work, my sister texted me asking how my “chicago” video was going. 
It’s not that I forgot but rather that life was taking it’s toll on me and that video was not a priority but her text was also a good reminder that I did tell people I was making it (and made people be in it) and therefore should see it through sooner rather than later.
And that’s when I decided my day was going to be spent at home getting things done, relaxing and doing what I wanted to do.
I spent a couple hours working on the video, cleaned the kitchen and then set out on an outdoor run.  This was the most successful outdoor run this year, covering 2.3 miles.  Yes I doubled that distance at the gym a few days ago, but I’m trying to prepare my body to start running outside.  It’s also possible I could have gone further had I not decided to embark on my run at 2:30 in the afternoon.  (#fail)
When I got home all sweaty, I was still in the moving mood and started sweeping the dead, crunchy leaves from my patio (the closest to fall I think I’ll get), vacuumed the whole apartment and then sat back down to finish the video.
And finish it I did!  I’m sure there are many others out there who could make a better video but this was my first real experience playing with iMovie and I’m happy with the outcome.
A special thanks to everyone who appeared in my video and put up with my filming every.single.moment of my trip home! (You can tell by some of their faces, they thought I was crazy!)

3 thoughts on “The Long Awaited Video…

  1. Amanda (@SemiHealthNut)

    I love the video! For some reason I thought you were from NY… but I love Chicago! I think our family is going there for Thanksgiving to hang out with relatives!

    Also you and your friends/fam are hilarious! This made me wish I was there to help with the filming silliness. 😉

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