The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name – Day 20

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In case you missed my first post, here ( it is, where I touch on why I started the blog.  ‘Talk Less, Say More’ came from a Swedish Proverb I ran across that felt like my new mantra for 2011.  I don’t start resolutions, but rather look for ways of self-improvement and this seemed like the perfect solution, a way of thinking, even to just briefly change your current mindset.  I could go more into detail about how each partial phrase speaks to me in a different way and relates to me on a deep level, but then we’d be here all day and you still may not full understand how I work and what makes me tick.  It just seems like to much of an undertaking for me; maybe someday.
I have to admit there was a big of anxiety building up in me as I was waiting for ‘Jesse and the Rippers’ to make an appearance on the list, knowing that if it didn’t show, I would deem this list super dumb and inaccurate.  Please watch the ‘Forever’ video.  I think we all would agree with them, this video is cheesetastic! 🙂