The (Not-So) NYC Weekend Recap

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I was hoping to have all sorts of photos to share from my trip to New York this past weekend but I must admit I didn’t take very many. This could be called a #bloggerfail but I’m not calling it that. I spent my long weekend in NYC very busy seeing people I haven’t seen in far too long and instead of taking photos, I spent that time reconnecting.

Do I wish I got a couple photos with them? Of course and I meant to take a photo with each person but was so busy enjoying my time that I completely forgot. I’m okay with that.

I was reminded this weekend that no matter the amount of time that goes by without seeing, talking or texting, there are certain people in this world where you can just pick up like no time has passed. Sure we had to catch up on each others lives and fill in those gaps, but conversation was relatively easy and my heart was full.

I know it sounds so cheesy but while I may be lactose intolerant, I am a total cheeseball. 😉

There were many people I still didn’t get to see and even those I did, it wasn’t nearly enough time, so i will be back. I don’t know when just yet but it will happen. Thank you to every person who was a part of this past weekend and took the time to see me. Honestly, you have no idea how much I needed this and how much it meant to me.


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