The Pajama Gang and a Feb Photo A Day Recap

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Yesterday was such a good day off.  I started my morning with a delicious bowl jar of oatmeal with bananas and sunflower butter and a cup of coffee.  After digesting a bit, I set off for the gym.  While I was kind of overwhelmed with all of the people there at nearly 11am (darn holiday!) and my muscles fatiguing so I couldn’t finish my push ups (a love/hate relationship), I got a great run after lifting to clear the air.  Thank goodness for running.

After lunch and a work conference call, I picked up Amy and we set out to see a friend of ours who had surgery last week.  Before making it to her place, we stopped by Target to get some cute animal pajama pants to cheer her up.  It worked.  And she let us join the #pajamagang.  (Yes, I had to hashtag that)…

A couple hours of stories, laughs and just hanging out and Amy and I were on our way to dinner.  We changed out of the pajama pants so we wouldn’t get too many weird looks and went to Ugo in Culver City.  We were starving and demolished the whole bread basket before our pasta came out.  And then we split some gelato.  Oh my, it was good.  Our waiter was awesome and so we left him a nice note and laughed like crazy as we headed back to the car, stuffed with delicious food.

Good days off really are the best.  Anyway, here’s a recap of this week’s FebPhotoADay…(#hashtag) 🙂

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